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scntfc's moon grotto 7"


The clip above was created to accompany the launch of Scntfc's Moon Grotto 7" via Venus Patrol.

The Moon Grotto is a hidden location in #sworcery with a lunatic soundscape by Scntfc, who also handled the number station transmission & related materials. Some of these otherwordly concepts as well as Scntfc's involvement in the Sword & Sworcery project were motivated by Brandon Boyer at Venus Patrol (praise be!).

Scntfc's Moon Grotto 7" includes a remix of the original 'lunatic soundscape' as well as a remix of Jim Guthrie's immortal song Ballad of the Space Babies. Get the limited edition gatefold vinyl while supplies last and/or get the songs and a few soundscapes at Scntfc's internet record shop.

: the clip

.The clip above was created by staff here at Superbrothers HQ with the original Moon Grotto sound recording by Scntfc. The visual elements in the clip are adapted from the analog package design for the limited edition vinyl release of Scntfc's Moon Grotto 7". Most of this clip was created in Unity and filmed on an iPhone. Some macroscopic footage from Scntfc's ongoing Undone project is also included. There are clues in the clip and on the vinyl record if you would like to 'keep on digging'.

Staff at Superbrothers had this to say about the package design and the clip:
"I firmed up the package design a while ago while listening to Scntfc's songs. For anyone who was moved by the ending of #sworcery: please enjoy the new painting 'a pale fire' on the inside of the gatefold, it was painted with a similar spirit."

"Creating the clip presented an opportunity for me to get familiar with Unity, and somewhat clumsily get back into the groove with 3-D in general. Scntfc's original Moon Grotto soundscape is otherwordly & obscure, hauntingly so, I hope the clip evokes some of that."

: the record

On the topic of the Moon Grotto record itself, it exists in part because of Brandon Boyer's deep love of Scntfc's 2000 record Saints of Infinity / Simulated DIY. As the story goes, Brandon got in touch with Scntfc in early 2010 to say that the record "has remained one of my faves for the past near decade now".

At around the same time in early 2010, #sworcery's first playable prototype was forming in Toronto. Brandon Boyer, as a fan of Superbrothers, Jim Guthrie & Capy (on their own, and together), was the ideal target demographic for the project and he was, appropriately enough, the very first person not on the core #sworcery team to play through the prototype. Schemes were subsequently hatched.

According to Scntfc:
"A few moons pass and Brandon mentions this secret project that involved some secret audio things and he asked if I would maybe want to help make those secret things a reality. I was then introduced to the staff at Superbrothers, kind words were exchanged, ideas were bounced around between the three of us, and soon we began carving a temple to the moon in the rocky slopes of the foothills of Mingi Taw.".


"(The lead-up to the launch of Venus Patrol) was the perfect opportunity to craft a real object that would round out that tiny corner of the #sworcery universe... and thus... the Moon Grotto 7" was born."

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Portrait of scntfc aka @scntfc aka Andy Rohrmann, illustration by Steve Courtney.


Front cover of Scntfc's Moon Grotto 7", illustration by staff at Superbrothers HQ.




Moon Grotto 7" package, design by Superbrothers staff, photographs from Scntfc.







Status of Scntfc's Moon Grotto 7" as of the bright moon on August 2nd 2012


  • The limited edition vinyl of Scntfc's Moon Grotto 7" has been mailed out to the backers of the Venus Patrol Kickstarter, contact Venus Patrol ( for any concerns related to shipping.

  • There may be a few vinyl copies left over from the initial shipment, order yours now from Scntfc's internet record shop before they're all gone. Note: Most vinyl are black, some are white, a randomly distributed precious few are pink.

  • The songs from Scntfc's Moon Grotto 7" and a few related moon grotto sound recordings are available for download via Scntfc's internet record shop.

  • Here are two full-length Scntfc records related to the Moon Grotto that are mentioned in the post above. The first, from 2001, is The Saints of Infinity. The second, released in the last month, is Undone. Both are highly recommended.