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Below is a newly announced videogame from Capy and Jim Guthrie, two of the three Sword & Sworcery co-creators. The E3 2013 reveal clip for Below is above, the official website for Below is linked at the bottom of this post.

While Below's aethetic and vibe evoke aspects of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Sword & Sworcery co-creators at Superbrothers are not involved in any way in the creation of Below, this project is 100% Capy. Please direct all Below-related inquiries to Capy, their website and contact information is linked at the bottom of this post.

Superbrothers staff had this to say about Capy's Below:

"Capy's team of over 20 talented people always seems to have a handful of projects on the go at the same time. I spent a couple years pulling long hours at Capy HQ in Toronto co-leading the creation of Sword & Sworcery, and while I was there a new batch of projects were taking shape in the background. The first of that batch to be announced was Capy's Super TIME Force, a mind-melting time-bending Contra-style action videogame conceived by a trio of Capy folk. The moody, stylish roguelike Below is the next videogame from Capy's new batch, and it's looking like it'll be absolutely ace.

While Sword & Sworcery was in production, Kris would sometimes tell me about his ideas for Below. It sounded like the perfect expression of where Kris and the team at Capy were at. Later in my Sword & Sworcery tenure, Below began to take shape in prototype form at Capy HQ, and it seemed pretty cool. Time has passed and the team has clearly been busy carving the concept out - it's looking great!

Here at Superbrothers we're excited about Below, we're confident the team at Capy are going to knock it out of the park, and with Jim Guthrie on board as a composer it has the makings of a classic. We'll certainly be following the project, rooting for our cosmic friends, and we look forward to playing it, and listening to it, when the time comes."


There is zero Superbrothers involvement on Below, it's 100% Capy, but of course some creator/collaborator confusion is understandable and inevitable. 

Below and Sword & Sworcery have a sympathetic aesthetic, and while the experiences they offer are quite different, the two projects are superficially similar. In their own distinct ways, both evoke classics like Eric Chahi's Another World and Fumito Ueda's Ico, and the more recent Journey from thatgamecompany. All of these videogames are concerned with style and soul, shape and color, and all of them present stories of lonely figures wandering in spooky places while moody music occasionally plays. Under the hood, however Below is something entirely its own, and it's entirely Capy's concept.

In the interest of clarity, Superbrothers staff had this to say:

"Sword & Sworcery was the result of a partnership between Superbrothers, Capy and Jim Guthrie from 2009 to 2011. Capy is a videogame studio headquartered in Toronto with around twenty full-time staff. Superbrothers is a separate art, design and production company company with a full-time staff of one, founded in 2003. Superbrothers is now headquarted in the woods of Quebec. 

While we had been working on videogames big and small for several years, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP was the first videogame effort to bear the Superbrothers name, with our concepts and aesthetic defining the project. Working with Capy we co-conceived the project, drawing on a distinctive hard-edged pixel style we had been exploring under the Superbrothers name since 2003. On the audio side we built on a long-standing collaborative friendship with composer and singer/songwrtier Jim Guthrie, relationship dating back to 2005. On Sword & Sworcery we painted every pixel and wrote every word, we lead much of the sound design process and we were involved in a much more than full-time capacity throughout, co-leading a tiny team at Capy throughout the highly collaborative prototyping, design, production and communication.

Thanks to the success of the Sword & Sworcery project and the efforts of everyone involved including the fine folks at Capy we've been afforded the freedom to focus on creating an entirely new as-yet-unannounced Superbrothers videogame in partnership with as-yet-unnanounced creative entities. This is a situation for which we're profoundly grateful and we look forward to revealing our new project when the time comes, X years from now."


Below is a new videogame concept with deep roots within Capy.

Later this week this HQ post will be updated with comments and artwork from folks at Capy & a few words from composer Jim Guthrie.


Below poster design by Capy and freelance designer Cory Schmitz.


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  • Superbrothers is not involved in any way with Below! We are deep in the creation process of an unannounced new Superbrothers videogame. Connect to the Superbrothers Broadcast System to stay in touch.