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What what even is Superbrothers anyways?

Superbrothers, Inc is an award-winning DIY videogame design and production organization. Founded in Toronto in 2003 by Craig D. Adams, Superbrothers HQ is now located in the woods of Quebec, with an administrative bureau on Canada's west coast. We're probably best known for a distinctive style of pixel artwork and for our role as co-creators of the videogame Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

These days we're committed to constructing a new high-quality videogame with an emphasis on originality, thoughtfulness, spirit, mood and style. It should be pretty cool, eventually!


Where can I go for more Superbrothers action?

For some of our past work, click around on the videogames and music pages here at Superbrothers HQ, and if you haven't played it already, get a hold of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP or Sound Shapes.

Looking forward, things are going to be quiet for a while, but if you wanted to stay in touch we have a few options. We set up an offiicial Twitter account at @superbrothersHQ, when we have something official to broadcast you'll hear about it there. We set up a page on Facebook at facebook/superbrothersHQ. We have a mailing list that we have been calling 'the teletex', you can sign up on the right of this page.


Where does the name Superbrothers come from?

If you've played the videogame Jet Grind Radio by SEGA/Smilebit then you might remember Guitar Vader's boisterous, catchy song 'Superbrothers' - we love that song, and we generally love fresh, bright, unexpected, original videogames with great music and distinctive style. Back in 2003, experimenting with pixel paintings and imagining various bonkers DIY videogame designs, the name Superbrothers seemed to fit.


What's the Superbrothers story, in a nutshell?

"I was born on Canada's west coast in 1979, I grew up around C-64, Mac Classic and NES, and in the 90s I saved up and got a PC. Computers, entertainment and creative exploration have always been connected for me. Going to art school in Toronto I ended up getting into creating painterly pixel artwork, and I had a thought about what where videogames might go. I founded Superbrothers with some highly improbable schemes in mind. Improbably, eventually, it all worked out."

Back in the day, from 2003 up until 2009, Superbrothers pixel artwork was occasionally published in newspapers and magazines, we created pixel films for old pal and composer Jim Guthrie, and for a time we were involved in the DIY videogame creation community in Toronto.

In 2009 we teamed up with Jim Guthrie and Capy, a videogame studio in Toronto, and in 2011 we jointly released an original, experimental videogame Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP for iPhone and iPad. In 2012 we released the project on computers, and then with the help of 8-4 we released the project in Japanese. It was a heckuva ride and it has done well for all of us, we've been high fiving ever since. 

After Sword & Sworcery we looked to the future and set out on a course that would take us out of Toronto and eventually to the woods of Quebec.


What are you up to these days?

We're deep in the groove on a new videogame project. It's going really well! We're loving the process and life is good. 

Nothing has so far been announced about the new project, and we have no project announcements planned for 2014.


Can I publish videos of videogames connected with Superbrothers on the internet?

Yes! And feel free to monetize them.


Are you hiring?

Thanks for asking, but no, we aren't hiring, because we are so very tiny, and in order to create the way we want to create it's essential that we remain tiny.


Are you looking for contributors and collaborators?

Excellent question! Our creative process does involve close collaboration with other creative individuals and organizations. That said, on our current project we're all set. So no, at present we aren't looking for anybody new - but feel free to get in touch.


Why so quiet these days?

We're a tiny organization, and consequently we're tending to keep a low profile in order to reserve our available bandwidth to focus on the creative process. It's kinda nice been a step removed from the hustle and bustle of the internet.


Who are you people?

For a long time, Superbrothers was just one person: founder/creator Craig D. Adams.

However during the creation of Sword & Sworcery the organization had to grow a little, and it has become a family thing.

Jori Baldwin, an illustrator and art buyer, was involved in various support and advisor capacities throughout. Craig and Jori married in 2011 and they now live together in the woods of Quebec not too far from where Jori grew up, they have a cat and a rabbit, and Jori now works as a forester.

Also during the Sword & Sworcery creation and release process, Craig's older brother Mack Adams was around to help out, and Craig's family was a valuable source of support. Mack has a background in business and software project management, and he continues to be involved as part time CEO and co-strategist. Mack lives with his family in Victoria, BC.