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slow cookin'


In 2018 the staff at Superbrothers HQ maintained their sole focus on an as-yet-unannounced new videogame project, which has been "slow cookin' for a good while" while the world we've all known slips away.

This unannounced new project is lightly described at SuperbrothersHQ / videogames (link) as:

  • the second videogame from superbrothers, slow cookin' for a good while
  • a follow-up of sorts to sworcery only with no sword, no sworcery and no hard-edged pixels
  • expect something fresh, approachable - some style, some soul - only with breadth & depth
  • as of Q4 2018 - the creation process has been a pleasure thus far & it's comin' together

As yet no further information has been made available.



Meanwhile, elsewhere... 


The same olde fashioned cult classic, only now on a Nintendo.

Capy ported Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP to the Nintendo Switch. Link. 

Rig it up to the television home theatre & use a joycon as a remote for a fresh experience, or enjoy it on headphones, handheld with touch and/or more traditional videogame controls.





An outstanding, somber, wondrous new synth-heavy score by sworcery maestro Jim Guthrie.

Jim Guthrie released songs from the BELOW OST to accompany the launch of Capy's BELOW - be sure to give it a listen. Link.




Immaculately-crafted, brutally hard-edged, hauntingly remote monument to videogames.

Capy published the long-anticipated videogame BELOW on PC & X-BONE.

The staff at Superbrothers salute the folks at Capy, the creators of BELOW, on this project's launch. Link.