music by Jim Guthrie & others, connected in some way to Superbrothers HQ


Jim Guthrie's Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies (2011) 

  • the original full-length companion soundtrack, start here


The Scythian Steppes: Seven Songs of Sworcery Localized for Japan (2012) 

  • remixes by all-star Japanese composers created for the japan-launch of sworcery aka sukimisu
  • organized & distributed by 8-4 Ltd, excellent record


Scntfc's Moon Grotto 7": Lunatic Soundscapes from Sworcery (2012) 

  • the moon grotto tune & a ballad of the space babies remix by Scntfc
  • organized & distributed by Venus Patrol



other relevant music by jim guthrie (2)


Jim Guthrie's BELOW OST (2018) 

  • a collection of outstanding, wondrous, somber, cosmic synth songs
  • the score for Capy's immaculate, remote monument to videogames aka BELOW




Solid Mas & Jim Guthrie One Of These Days I'll Get It Right (2014) 

  • rock solid beats under choice cuts from Jim Guthrie's catalog, including songs of sworcery



Jim Guthrie's Corporeal (2012) 

  • a handful of songs from the videogame Sound Shapes, catchy as heck


Jim Guthrie's Children of the Clone (2011) 

  • a collection of sworcery-eusque songs from many years ago
  • the roots of Superbrothers are in some of these songs