posted: oct 1 2019



HEAR YE: superbrothers a/v inc is seeking: 3D env art, lighting & tech vfx people


hello there,

so, we have an unannounced 3D videogame in production here at superbrothers HQ

we're on the last lap & we're looking to get *fancy*

we could use some expertise, contributions & excitement on a few things, incl:

  • vfx 3D technical artist
  • 3D lighting specialist
  • special 3D env artist


additional DETAILS about each gig are down below

if you'd like to pitch in on a superbrothers videogame, here's yr chance!


fwiw here's the general vibe of the project:

-cinematic presentation, clean polygons (not pixels, not voxels) - now targeting fancy production quality

-think: DIY ridley scott / kubrick / herbert science ficiton with occasional ghibli/moebius vibes

-misc tone/concept refs: carl sagan, tolstoy, leguin, werner herzog, dan o’bannon, jodorowsky


notes about these gigs:

-starting pretty ASAP from early oct 2019 or so & run for a period of months

-ranging from part time to most of full time, working remotely

-diverse backgrounds & voices v strongly urged to apply


anyone out there a good fit for these? anyone know anyone who'd be a good fit?

GET IN TOUCH w those hot tips




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Superbrothers A/V Inc., co-creators of Sword & Sworcery EP (2011), is looking for a few talented folks to fill the following roles on a modern free-roaming 3D videogame built in the Unity engine: 


  • vfx / 3D technical artist - Responsible for the visual design and technical implementation of special fx that bring life, style, distinction, and appeal to sci-fi tech and natural world phenomena. The ideal candidate has a strong mix of creative and technical abilities and years of experience creating particles, shaders, textures, models and animations for shipping Unity games. This position is half- to full-time and will span a period of months. There are currently vfx in place across the board, however the quality varies and we could use some expertise & sustained effort. 


  • 3D lighting specialist - Responsible for immersive, stylistic, and atmospheric lighting techniques and solutions for existing in-game 3d environments with an emphasis on interiors. The ideal candidate has experience designing and implementing lighting for visually-impressive shipping Unity games. This position is part time and short term. 


  • special 3D environmental artist - Responsible for a particular family of distinct environments and a suite of related entities with a particular look integral to the game's storytelling and atmosphere. Think of a cosmic cathedral-like cavern with fiber optic mycelium chandelier: unfathomable, ominous and serene. This position requires some creative ideation within existing direction and good collaboration skills. The ideal candidate has experience with the full path of creating environments, from concept to asset creation to in-game placement, in visually-impressive shipping Unity games. This position is half- to full-time and will span a period of months.


These positions are offered on a freelance basis with flexible hours and will be remote, at the contractor's own location. 

Diverse backgrounds and voices are strongly encouraged to apply.

Priority will be given to submissions that include a portfolio matching the job description.